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Average Jane Does Weight Loss Programs From Home


See Jane.  See Jane run.  See Jane do a weight loss program at home.  Like me, do you work out at home because you:


1.       You can’t afford a gym membership or personal trainer.

2.       The gym is too far away

3.       You are not seeing results at the gym.

4.       You go there, but find yourself wandering around wondering what you are supposed to do.

5.       You have kids.  Nuff said.

6.       You don’t want to get “looks” and get made fun of as your thighs slap together and nasty sweat puddles onto the floor.

My name is actually Kerri, not Jane, but all of the above applies to me.  My local gym is 25 minutes away.  I am not a math wizard but I’m pretty sure that adds up to 50 minutes of wasted driving time each gym trip.  Not to mention the yearly fee is $400-$500.  Holy Cow! 


Not to mention, I roam around like a lost puppy trying to figure out what sort of workout I should be doing.  Sweat is a genetic thing in my family, so the looks I get as my shirt turns a new shade is a bit unsettling. 


The numero uno reason I have to workout from home is I have a one year old son and four year old daughter.  This makes reasons 1 and 2 above even truer. 

After losing 55 pounds after each pregnancy and getting into the best shape of my life (even more so than playing three sports in high school), I can say I have learned a few tricks of the trade about  home weight loss programs. 


As I have discovered, there is no one miracle diet that works for everyone.  Otherwise, do you think there would be so many weight loss programs and products out there?  Here you will find information about nutrition, weight loss, workouts, support, and more to help you as an individual decide what works best for you.  One size does not fit all.


So kick back with a drink (water of course) and snack (An apple?!  What a great choice!) and explore and discover some great tools and tips that fit your needs.   Prepare to lose weight, get fit and healthy at home.

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About Average Jane
I wanted to share a little bit about Average Jane. I figured it would be nice of me to share a little bit about myself since you took the time to stop by and check out my website.
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